Powerful Voodoo Cleansing Baths

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What spiritual bath?
It is the washing of ones body with purpose of cleansing or refreshing ones spirit and aura.
Spiritual baths play a big role in Voodoo. A bath may be used to bring good-luck,love in to someones life to remove negative energy they are used for protection as well

Would you put clean clothes on a dirty body? No you would not, The same rule applies when you are trying to attract positive energy or doing any type of spell work.

Before I do any custom work for a client a cleansing bath is the next step after receiving a consultation.
Even if you are burning your own candles the you should order a cleansing bath along with your candle.

In voodoo  this step can not be overlooked for it is an important step. When you are trying to improve your life and bring good energy into your life you must remove any negative energy that could be lingering about. Another situation when dealing with matters of the heart is a rival could have performed a spell to make you look unattractive to your lover.

Did you know being sad or angry can bring about negative energy too? The negative energy of these emotions can block any type of spell work you are trying to do to bring love into your life or bring a lover back into your life.

This is why it is so important to not skip steps when doing any type of spell work. When you order your bath there will be step by step directions to help you with this process. Here at Voodo Love Spells I use the best herbs and ingredients when making baths for my clients. All baths are imbued with spiritual energy. Do not delay order your
powerful cleansing bath today!!!

The first step is get a consultation.

Check to see if I am available

2. If you case is accepted the next step is to start cleaning up any negative spiritual energy that maybe lingering
During you consultation my spirits will let me know what type of bath you will need.

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