About Mambo Sandy

 Powerful Voodoo Cosmic husband and wife Damballah wedo and Aida wedoHello,
My name is Mambo sandy and I am practitioner of Haitian Vodou,my journey started in the spirit world when I was a young girl. My grandmother was what some would call a kitchen witch she was also and excellent herbalist as well, As reached my 20’s I started to have dreams about different spirits it was a confusing and exciting time in my life, my journey started to find out more about these spirits that I was dreaming about.My journey was not a smooth one, but you know the old saying anything worth learning or having is  does come not easy.

I finally met my godfather who helped me understand what was going with me and the dreams that I was having. It was then I learned that the spirits of Vodou also known as lwa were calling to me. From there my apprenticeship with him started. During my training my god father passed down to me many authentic voodoo spells,that came from elders in his family,finally the day came when he said to me  you must find what you are really good at doing and enjoy doing in the magic realm to help clients, I decided to help people who are trying to find love or keep the love they have. So there you have my story in a nutshell.

So the question is now how can I help you!!!!